I definitely ate too much over the holidays.

Healthy detox – Get your glow back!

Would you like doing a healthy January with Glow Chef?


So, again, I overate over the holidays. But it’s ok. It’s all in the past now.

It’s January, the moment of reinvention, new beginnings and cleansing … both body and soul. Creating room for what’s new. The perfect timing for a healthy detox program.

How about you, do you feel the same?

  • The urge to let go the old and welcome the new…
  • The need to dive deeper into your soul and find your “why” for this new year…
  • And to adjust your habits in ways you may now think are too complicated but that, in the end, will enable you to become your true self?

Basically, are you looking for a healthy detox program? You’re in the right place.

I believe you have the right to feel AMAZING every day!

You have the right to feel your body healthy, to feel your brain sharp, to feel your skin glowing.

And I also believe you have all it takes to make this happen. But, maybe you don’t know how to get there on your own just yet.

I know exactly how that feels like, and how to deal with it: today, I know that for me it all starts with being physically balanced. And that means caring about the way I eat.

For you too: this new year reset that you are craving might just find its perfect start with your food and the way you eat. And then, caring about how you move your body and create some headspace.

To help you find your own way, I’ve created this healthy detox program:

The Get Your Glow Back Plan

The new year detox and reset plan for smart, independent women who want to feel amazing every day.


You know you should be eating more natural, healthier food. Food that fuels your body and your brain to function at their best. But you don’t know how to start: what to buy, where to find it, how to cook it …

You feel bloated from eating and drinking non-stop over the holidays, maybe even since the beginning of December. But now you’re stuck in a routine and changing your habits feels daunting – too tricky to start, impossible to stick to it.

You crave fresher, purer tastes but you keep reaching out for bread and sweets, out of habit or convenience…

This 4-week long course will help you with all these challenges.

Come, let’s do this together!

With my help, you’ll be empowered to reset your food-related habits, step-by-step, without forcing you into any type of restrictive cookie cutter diet.

You’ll feel better because you’ll eat better because you’ll be more organized, disciplined and mindful of what you eat.

You may even lose a few pounds because you’ll eat for better digestion and you’ll lose the bloat.

But you won’t be dieting. You won’t be hungry. And for sure you won’t get angry!

Why a New Year Reset?

First of all, you can’t build a sound house over failing foundations. So, this reset helps you set the basis for what will be a healthier and stronger “you” going into the new year.

Second, you’ll learn to deal with homemade food – sourcing ingredients, cooking and your kitchen – in a way that will become intuitively yours, no longer a chore.

Last but not least, you want enduring change. Here, you’ll be sharing all I’ve learned from personal experience, that will help you to define your own wellbeing goals and to create the space you need in your life, to pursue them in a way that is personal and entirely coherent with who you want to become.

In summary, this will be like stepping into the new year with your right foot!

How does the healthy detox plan work?

This is an email course that lasts 4 weeks. Over this period, you’ll get a total of 9 emails with all the information you’ll need to make it work for you.

Email 1:

Introduction to the healthy detox plan, setting goals and roadmap for your personal change. This email will go out from January 7th.

Emails 2, 4, 6, and 8:

Weekly menu suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Email 3, 5, and 7:

Exercise tips to start moving and some journaling prompt to keep your mind focused and your motivation high.

Email 9:

Congratulations, you’ve made it!

And, now what? Tips to keep moving forward.


The course will be open for enrollment during January only – from the 1st to the 31st.

Your own four weeks will start from the moment you get the first introductory email and finish the moment you get email number 9.

You’ll be able to send me questions via email, that I’ll also answer by email.

I will also be available for live Q & A on Instagram, twice throughout the month. The dates will be announced by email and on Instagram.

Is this course for you?

YES, if you’re a woman who wants to get her glow back:

  • You feel you ate a bit too much over the holidays and you want to undo the excess.
  • You want to start the year with a new stress-free health and fitness routine.
  • You want to learn how to feel amazing every day.
  • You’re willing to do the work to get there!

This course is not for you…

If you’re just looking for a fast weight loss miracle.

  • You don’t want to build autonomy nor self-control regarding your lifestyle.
  • You’re not willing to do the work associated with shopping for food and cooking homemade meals.
  • You don’t value learning from your peers and sharing your experience with a community.

Your investment

The 4-week long email course will cost 25€ payable via Paypal.

Do the math: less than 1€ a day, for a month that will make a real difference in your year!