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Villa Bio: A Very Special Store

Who Doesn’t Like Love Projects? Villa Bio, in Restelo, was clearly made with love!

Villa Bio

Space is not too large nor too small. It’s the right size. It’s cozy. It is well decorated. It’s beautiful. It is full of small, personalized details, almost like home. It has a cute little kitchen, for show cooking and workshops, and the rest of it – read on … 😉

Villa Bio Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle

At Villa Bio, you will find a little bit of everything: fresh produce, teas and organic coffees, kinds of pasta, cereals, flours, wines, baby products, cosmetics, pet products and cleaning products. And lots of delicious treats, as you can see.

Villa Bio

At lunchtime, you’ll find many take away options, mainly vegetarian and gluten-free.

We have tasted the freshly brewed chocolate muffins from The Love Food and we can assure you that they are wonderful! We ate them so fast we didn’t even have time to take a picture.

The service, by Sandra, was five stars. Usually, they do not serve coffees but we were so lucky to have been offered a delicious organic expresso and even a gift!

We did our shopping for the day and left with the certainty that we will return.

We bought:

  • the ingredients of lemon bars: gluten-free oat flakes, organic lemons, pumpkin seeds and Medjool dates;
  • vegetables, pine nuts and raisins for this couscous;
  • a Pukka Love tea box, which you can also spot in the article about lemon bars.

Photos: Carolina Moreira

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