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Vegetable Soup: Easy and Anti-Inflammatory


Vegetable soups are a practical way to introduce more vegetables into your diet. And they’re good for kids and adults alike.

Vegetable Soup, homemade, easy, healthy!

In this article, and the corresponding video, you will see how easy it is to make homemade soups: they are soups without potatoes, which thus become low carb soups. They are also totally vegetarian soups, which will help you balance your nutrition.

They are, as I like them, easy recipes, made in order to protect the nutritional richness of vegetables and to maximize the benefits for your health.

To see the video, click on the image (in Portuguese):

Sopas de Legumes

Eat soup to lose weight?

Are those soups slimming? Why not? Glow Chef soups are always sugar-free, low in fat, and nutritiously balanced. You can start your meal with a plate of any of these soups, or eat as an afternoon snack.

Today I will show you how to make 3 soup recipes that warm the soul and are perfect for cooler weather.

Basic principles for a healthy vegetable soup

There are three basic principles that I respect that make my soups light, nutritious and even anti-inflammatory:

Healthy fats

Nowadays I make a point of keeping the fats healthy: I don’t make initial stew and I don’t mix olive oil in the pot, because I make soup for more than one day – together with the olive oil or other healthy fat as a finishing touch on the plate.

Examples of other healthy fats are seeds, other oils with a high omega-3 component (walnut, flaxseed or sesame) or even coconut milk.

No dairy nor grains

In my soups there are now no grains nor dairy products: for me, soups are a practical way to balance my diet and make it as much anti-inflammatory as possible. So I don’t add anything to those ingredients I want to control, such as cereals and dairy products.

In the old days, I used to put cubes of feta cheese in the soup and you can still see it in some photos here on the blog … I don’t do it anymore!

Nourishing and functional vegetable combinations

In addition, I always choose combinations of vegetables that have a specific function, besides the complementarity of taste: antioxidant, extra fiber for a detox effect, immunity, emotional balance … These are some of the functions of vegetables that I choose for my soups and that come from their composition in terms of fiber, vitamins, and mineral salts.

How to turn vegetable soup into a wholesome meal

A balanced meal always has a healthy proportion of each macronutrient, i.e. carbohydrates, preferably healthy fats and protein. The latter are often absent from the usual recipes. That’s why I thought it was worth mentioning here how I make the soup a well-rounded meal.

This is particularly relevant for those who like to dine on just one soup. I do that myself from time to time, but I never neglect the protein component.

The healthiest way to add protein to a bowl of soup while maintaining its anti-inflammatory and vegetarian character is to add legumes: grain, beans, or lentils.

Obviously you can make a bean soup from scratch. But these are less versatile, as they are heavier than you need in a meal with more dishes… What I do most often is to add the legumes at the end, as the topping on a lighter soup.

But you’ll see, keep reading.

The Glow Chef vegetable soups

I’ll show you 3 recipes, of different colors, which correspond to different goals as well:

– a white soup, which corresponds to a relaxed and comfortable disposition;

– a green soup that corresponds to fiber reinforcement and a detox goal;

– and an orange soup that corresponds to an antioxidant and immunity promoter goal.

Let’s go!

See the detail of the recipes in the links here ⬇️

Cauliflower, leek and lime soup
Broccoli and spinach soup
Pumpkin and coconut soup

As you can see, making homemade soup is very easy. And by the way, make it a complete meal too!

Now you know how to make a home-made soup that is quick to make, but much more than fast food!

I’ve shown you how I make soups that are very varied – both in taste and in effects on your health.

And I also showed you how to make the soup into a really balanced meal.

Did you like this post? Write YES in the comments if you’re thinking of trying some of these soups this week!

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