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Corona Virus: my suggestions to protect your health

Thanks to the Corona Virus pandemic, we are living an unusual time of serious risk, anxiety and forced isolation.

There are many publications, tips, news – some are trustworthy, some of them are not – and at the risk of getting you tired of it, I will also make my contribution.

But do make sure you read all of it, to the end, because after my suggestions there will be an unprecedented promotion!

How to protect us from Corona Virus?

Information is still scarce, but so far what we know is that hygiene is fundamental!

Hand and surface hygiene

Take care of hand and surface hygiene – it seems logical and obvious, but make sure it really happens!

Some sources say that this virus can survive for days on a surface…

So, make sure you clean all door handles, countertops and other frequently used surfaces in your home with alcohol or with a bleach and water solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water), in case alcohol is totally sold out, like here in Lisbon.

Wash your hands with an antiseptic or soap, and then apply an alcohol gel.

And outside avoid touching any surfaces. Avoid crowded places, or better, get out of the house as little as possible.

If you do, take a little bottle of alcohol gel with you and apply it frequently on your hands.

Home cooking

It is clear that restaurants are to be avoided now. Take this opportunity to lickstart you home cooking skills. You’ll save money and eat much better!

Take advantage of my blog suggestions, you’ll find I have recipes for all tastes, whether you follow a vegetarian diet or not. Read all the recipes HERE.

Take care of your immunity with food

Going deeper about food, one of the major goals at this time is to strengthen the immune system.

As far as food is concerned, you can strengthen your immunity in two complementary ways:

  • by avoiding external aggression, and
  • promoting the entry of positive micro-nutrients.

Therefore, I suggest you choose to eat a simple diet, based on natural ingredients, whether of animal or vegetable origin.

Avoid at all costs the processed foods, full of aggressive chemicals.

Drink water, mainly. You can complement it with tea, herbal tea and a cup of good coffee a day.

Avoid sugary drinks, alcoholic drinks and all those that are full of caffeine. These are an overload for the liver, a main (natural) detoxifying organs of the body.

Did you know that today gut health is considered crucial for our health in general, and the immune system in particular?

So, one more reason to take care of the health of your intestine (your microbiome) by introducing probiotic foods in your diet: fermented vegetables (sauerkraut), miso and raw cider vinegar are all perfect for beginners, as they are super easy to use.


As far as exercise is concerned, the gymnasiums are also to be avoided, not least because they are all closing.

But don’t do nothing. I suggest you explore one of the many great exercise Apps and do your workouts at home.

My favorites are:

Nike also has a good App. And of course there are thousands of others, or even YouTube channels, that you can explore.


Finally, take advantage of this imposed social distance to calm down and to cherish your sleep.

A routine of 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day is indispensable for the good functioning of body and mind. Make sure you get them.

Go to bed early, forget about electronic equipment at night, reduce the intensity of lights after dinner, and do some soothing breathing exercises before going to sleep.

None of this can guarantee that we’re safe from Corona Virus, that’s true…

But my point of view is that it’s worth using this threat to start habits that can help make you healthier and even happier in the long run.

Seek support

If you suddenly see yourself at home, with free time, it can be a great opportunity to focus your energy on a change of habits that might out-last this threat …

Or, if you have no idea what to cook at home, and you know that pre-packaged food won’t be that healthy, maybe you need a little help kickstarting your inate healthy culinary skills!

To help you out, whatever your situation, I’ve decided to do a promotion of my health coaching packages:

50% off all health coaching packages, until March 31st.

Jumpstart is great for those who want to review their eating habits, but already have autonomy to keep them going.

Eliminate is perfect for those who have discovered they have an intolerance and need to learn to eat without these foods.

Change for Good is designed for those who know they want to change but need continued support so much to orient themselves with food as to maintain the intention and willpower necessary for change.

Why did I decide to do this promotion?

I’ve decided I wanted to make my work more accessible, because I want to help you stay calm and balanced in this time of anxiety caused by the Corona Virus pandemic. This is my way of contributing!

Choose and book your health coaching now, before my schedule becomes full 🙂

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