Alexandra Marques

Glow Chef Questionnaire: Alexandra Responds

Alexandra Marques is the sister of my oldest, dearest friend. I know her since a long time ago. So long I can’t recall knowing her. Lots of common interests have brought us together, and now we call ourselves friends.

Alexandra was also very creative and original. A woman of contrasts, simultaneously exotic and elegant. She has an easy smile, but she’s also strong-minded and full of personality.

It wasn’t a surprise when she chose a Fashion Design career. She studied at Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne and also Fashion Institute of Technology. Alexandra launched her swimwear line in New York, which she eventually sold to an American fashion group.

For family reasons, she worked in the Real Estate sector and became the first woman on the Board of the leading Portuguese sector’s professional association (APEMIP).

A few years later, she went back to her creative side, as a makeup artist, and she launches her blog and brand “ByAlexandraMarques.” Brands like Giorgio Armani and Shiseido were quick to recognize her talent.

Today she works as a freelance consultant, sharing her know-how with Portuguese brands that share her ambition and international vision.

It’s a pleasure for me to show you a different side of Alexandra’s personality, in this little interview.

Enjoy 🙂

1 What is your favorite meal?

2 What is your favorite dish?
Pasta al Pesto.

3 Which dish do you cook the best better – the one that always turns out good?
Any Italian Pasta.

4 And what dish can’t you cook at all, it’s always a disaster?
Cake – it never grows!

5 Which three ingredients would you take to a desert island?
Dark Chocolate (80% Cacao), coffee e olive oil. In this order ?

6 Where do you like to shop the most?
At Alvalade’s market.

7 What is your favorite kitchen equipment?
The fridge!

8 What do you ALWAYS have in the fridge?
Tomatoes, eggs e yogurt.

9 Tea or coffee?

10 What’s your favorite cookbook?
Nowadays, I don’t buy cookbooks anymore. I look up recipes online. My favorite websites are, e, of course!

11 Do you have a favorite restaurant? Which one?
“Os Arcos,” in Paço d’Arcos. I have great memories of family gatherings there, that goes back to the time when my maternal grandfather was still alive.

12 The best music to listen while cooking is …
I always have an updated music library – I just love to listen to the latest hits. And Apple Music is great at identifying my taste, and its “for you” suggestions are always on the spot! 🙂

Get to know Alexandra better. Take a peek here:

Her blog:
Instagram: @byalexandramarques

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