Glow Chef Radio: Episode 5 - Meal planning - a beginner's guide
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Meal planning – a beginner’s guide

Meal planning and shopping smart on Glow Chef Radio: episode 5 is live now!

The beginner’s guide to meal planning … or how to shop smart!

In this episode of Glow Chef Radio, we’ll be talking about shopping in a way that enables you to eat better. And, how a bit of meal planning will be key to doing this.

Now, before you yawn away, let me tell you that I’m the lousiest planner on Earth, so this is not my favorite subject neither. 

However… I’ve found that a bit of meal planning – the painless kind – goes a long way in helping me with shopping smart and healthy eating. 

Not to mention the savings… if you only buy what you plan on eating that week, you’ll avoid a lot of food waste.

How, you’re asking?

Well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast episode 🙂

Step by step decision making for meal planning

But, if you need a taste of what’s there, here’s a summary of the steps I talk about:

  1. Acknowledge the need for planning
  2. Account for the number of meals you’ll need to prepare for the coming week
  3. Assign themes and ingredients to each day of the week
  4. Calculate portions you’ll be needing
  5. Plan your shopping
  6. Do your shopping
  7. Prep ahead your ingredients
  8. Schedule time to cook 

Episode 5 – Shopping Smart

However, this does not replace listening to the podcast episode, not at all!

So, there you have it. Enjoy!

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To help you put things into practice, I’ve been sharing my tested process to get started with healthy eating and cooking. So, go listen to the previous two episodes of Glow Chef Radio, if you haven’t yet.

Episode 3: The power of habit

Episode 4: One foot in the kitchen

I also mentioned a video with Amelia Freer, a fridge tour… Unfortunately, it seems to have been pulled out from Youtube. However, you can watch Amelia’s other cooking videos HERE.

And, to help you test this approach, I’ve prepared a little planner template, that is available for free download. 

Your free download

It will guide you on your first steps of meal planning and listing your shopping needs. Get it right away here:

I hope you’ll find this approach to shopping and meal planning as useful as it is for me.

In any case, I’d love to hear your comments – how did you go with planning your meals?

Also, come to talk to us on Instagram, you know it already: #healthyeatingmadeeasy and we’re there!

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