Lourenço Lucena

Lourenço Lucena Responds To The Glow Chef Questionnaire

In this issue of the Glow Chef Questionnaire, we have a real renaissance man. Lourenço Lucena, aka Mr. Smell, is the man of the seven trades, with more than 25 years of experience working with brands.

He is also the only Portuguese perfumer and member of the Société Française des Parfumeurs, and also regularly organizes scented dinners inspired by cities, countries, brands or people. Last but not the least, he also produces It Hurts Baby, the sexiest Piri-Piri (chili) in the world.

The Answers Of Lourenço

What Is Your Favorite Meal?

Dinner, for the chance to have more time and enjoy the company and the moment (but I confess that I was tempted to choose breakfast on vacation).

What Is Your Favorite Dish?

A good loin of cod roasted, steamed, grilled or confit, seasoned with excellent olive oil, and in good company.

Which Dish Do You Cook The Best?


(Glow Chef Note: Completely true, I’ve tried it!)

And Which Dish Never Works?

Soufflé. I’ve already given up.

Which Three Ingredients Would You Take To A Desert Island?

Piri-Piri (chili), olive oil and Maggi sauce. I would also need salt but being on an island the easiest would probably be to build a small saline and not to spend luggage assets.

Where Do You Like Shopping The Most?

Pão de Açúcar and El Corte Inglés. For fresh fruit and vegetables, the Alvalade farmers’ market. For fresh fish, Açucena Veloso at the 31 de Janeiro market, in Lisbon.

What’s Your Favorite Piece Of Kitchen Equipment?

My knives that always travel with me.

What Do You Always Have In The Refrigerator?

Parmesan, feta cheese, coriander and of course the It Hurts Baby, my Piri-Piri.

Tea Or Coffee?

Espresso. Although tea is an extraordinary world to discover.

What’s Your Favorite Cookbook?

For what is ours, Traditional Portuguese Cuisine of Maria de Lourdes Modesto; Related to aromas and perfumes, Aroma of Mandy Aftel and Daniel Patterson and Le Goût du Parfum by Christophe Chabaud and Nathalie Richin.

On the subject of kitchen adventures, Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdin.

Do You Have A Favorite Restaurant? Which One?

For traditional Portuguese cuisine, Bota Alta, in Bairro Alto, where I feel at home. From the new wave of restaurants in Lisbon, Alma by Henrique Sá Pessoa. But I have more.

The Best Music To Listen To While Cooking Is …

It depends on the time, place and company, and may vary between Mayra Andrade, Ben Harper, Tony Bennett, Serge Gainsbourg, Djavan, Ibrahim Maalouf, Sade, Charles Aznavour, Chabel Rouhana, Miles Davis, Black Coffee, Rolling Stones, and so many others.

Lourenço Lucena

If you want to explore the rich world of Lourenço Lucena, here are the links:




As for me, I still entertain the dream of creating MY perfume, just mine … one day.

Have a good weekend!

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