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Keto Diet and ME …. an impossible relationship

What is Keto Diet?

The Ketogenic (or Keto) Diet is a food regimen implying a macro-nutrient distribution that is opposed to what we’re used to thinking about when we think about balanced, healthy eating. 

According to the Keto Diet, about 70% of all caloric intake should come from fat, 25% from protein and only about 5% from carbs. 

For reference purposes, keep in mind that in a typical balanced diet about 45-60% of calories come from carbs, about 25-35% from fats and 10-25% from protein. 

This new macro distribution “forces” the human body into a ketosis state, in which it uses fat as an energy source, instead of sugar.

Supposedly, this diet enables fast weight loss…

Where did it come from?

The fundaments of Keto Diet date back to the beginning of the 20th century and are connected to groundbreaking research on epilepsy by two French doctors.

At the time, the ketosis state was induced through a prolonged fasting period. Later in time scientists found that the same effect was possible by the drastic reduction of carb consumption.

What are the real results of the Keto Diet?

According to scientific evidence, the Keto Diet only has a significant impact in the treatment of epilepsy episodes. Sources: see below.

In what concerns weight loss, this particular regimen does not achieve much better results when compared to other diets, carried out with the same consistency and for a comparable period.

This means that if you want to lose weight, any well-designed diet will allow you to have the same results if carried out to the letter.

My reasons to stay away from the Keto Diet

As you already know, I am not a scientist. I’m not even what you could call an “alternative nutrition coach”… (I’m just very involved in helping spread some healthy eating and cooking habits.)

However, I’ve had my fair share of experience with diets and such. And, as I’ve also been around for some time, I’ve seen quite a few diet fads come and go 😉

For me, healthy eating is not the diet that allows you to lose weight faster. It is a set of eating habits that will enable you to keep high levels of health, energy, beauty, youth, glow, joy, etc.… for the most extended period.

Secondary effects

If you read some websites carefully – and you’ll find a few of them to be very nice looking and very thorough – you’ll eventually get to the secondary effect chapter. There, you’ll read three that are deal breakers, from my point of view:

  1. Tiredness
  2. Constipation
  3. Hair Loss

What? Really?

After all, this diet is the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve with my eating:

If I’m tired: I won’t be able to work nor to have fun; I won’t be able to live my life!

If I’m constipated: that means my body’s natural detox system is not be working correctly!

If my hair is falling: that means my hormones are out of balance!

“All you can eat” saturated fat?

Yeah, that’s the truth. On Keto Diet, all fats are the same, even though there is enough scientific evidence that makes us reduce saturated fat consumption, especially those from animal sources. 

I don’t see the point of taking the risk.

Health comes first!

“There are no shortcuts to reaching your goals.”

Dr. João Júlio Cerqueira

And you, if you’re considering making the drastic changes that come with seriously following the Keto Diet, then you’ll be more than able to comply with any other balanced diet plan, which will allow you to lose weight without those nasty side effects.

“Low Carb” vs Keto Diet

Any diet will have you controlling your sugar intake. In most cases, carbs are limited as a whole, because their digestion will result in higher sugar supply to our body.

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However, when they are well designed, these diets will teach you to make a distinction between different carb categories and will also define which and how much of them you’ll be able to eat so that you’ll keep your energy and avoid cravings that rarely have a happy ending.

After all, what good is a restrictive diet if you end up eating a full package of gummy bears before dinner? 

In this context, if you’re set on losing weight, my advice would be to seek out a nutrition professional so you can find the most appropriate diet for your body and needs.

I’d encourage you to talk to an exercise coach, as well. A sedentary lifestyle will undermine any weight loss efforts you may endeavor as well as causing premature aging at all levels.

After that, Glow Chef will be here for you with the best recipes for your goals.

Glow Chef, salada, low carb, paleo, saudável, fácil, healthy, easy, recipe, receita

I’ve published several risk-free, delicious and low carb recipes that you can start trying right now:

Pear and Fennel Salad

Salmon with Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes

Turkey Breast with Grain Mustard

Ginger and Lemongrass Chicken

Last but not least, you know you can always send me your suggestion and requests, using the contact form HERE.



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