Glow Chef Radio: Episode 4 - Home cooking: how to take over your kitchen with Glow Chef Radio

Home cooking: how to take over your kitchen with Glow Chef Radio

Home cooking is the key to healthy eating!

To help you with that, this episode of Glow Chef Radio is all about taking over your kitchen.

One foot in the kitchen… go on, it doesn’t bite 😉

Let’s go back for a second. In episode 1 of this podcast, I told you that for me healthy eating is all about lots of fresh, seasonal ingredients, cooked simply and seasoned with a bit of imagination.

It’s true. And it’s also true that fresh ingredients need to be washed, prepped and cooked. And they don’t usually come with an instruction manual.

Therefore, when you want to be in charge of your food, to know what you’re really eating, you’ll have to start shopping for and cooking your meals at home.

Stress-free home cooking

Unless, of course, you decide to hire a private chef, like Tom and Giselle… 

But, if not, you can be your own private chef. And you know what?? It’s really fun!

That’s what I’ve done. No drama involved, just choice and control over what I’m eating. 

I’ve learned how to build quick tasty meals that hit all my nutrition goals and keep me healthy and energized. And I love doing it! I have fun shopping, cooking and eating exactly what I want.

At this point, you’re already in distress… in your head you’re thinking:

“Oh, my God! This crazy woman wants me to cook from scratch EVERY DAY!!

… I don’t know HOW!

… I don’t have THAT kind of TIME!”

Bear with me 🙂

If you’re a beginner, you think you’re the worst cook in the whole world or you just plain hate cooking, don’t run away, please! 

This episode will show you that cooking your everyday meals can get so much easier if you learn just a few basics. 

And, if you’re a seasoned cook, stick around too – what follows might give you a different perspective regarding everyday cooking or even a tip or two on how to make cute little fast meals.

Glow Chef Radio – Episode 4

Give it a try, listen to the episode right here:

As you already know if you’ve been following the podcast, there is always a freebie to go with it!

Right here, I’m sharing my secrets to cooking healthy meals on busy weekdays: two fail-proof techniques you and your family will love. No more rushed greasy takeout!

Get your FREE download now and start right away with your newly improved homemade meals.

And, don’t forget: let me know how you’re doing, right here or on Instagram!

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