Glow Chef Radio: Episode 7 - Healthy Dinner Idea
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Healthy dinner ideas: stress-free planning and cooking on weekdays

Who hasn’t felt the need for some healthy dinner ideas, at least one a week?

If this ressonates with you … Welcome to episode 7 of Glow Chef Radio!

Smart weekday dinners

We’ll be talking about making weekday dinners work for someone who wants to eat healthily without spending hours in the kitchen, after a full workday.
Just like a book, each day needs a good ending and I would say dinner is part of that ending 🙂

Plan, shop for and cook healthy evening meals

We’ll cover:

  • Why dinner is such an important meal.
  • Making room for dinner in your daily schedule.
  • Planning menus to avoid boring routines.
  • Choosing ingredients and seasonings.
  • Easy tricks for fast and easy cooking.
  • Nutrition tips.

Listen to the episode here:

And don’t forget to download the FREE guide: Travel Mood Seasonings, to help you prepare deliciously healthy dinner menus. Available here:

Up to now, here on Glow Chef Radio, we have seen how to plan, shop for and cook healthy meals that will ensure at least 80% of your meals are really nutritious and tasty. 

In episode 7, we have seen healthy dinner ideas that…

  • Easy to adapt both to small and large households. 
  • Please women and men, grown-ups and children alike. 
  • Are super adaptable in terms of individual portions and nutrition goals. 
  • Work as well for vegans and vegetarians as for flexitarians.

Need more help? I can mentor you!

If this is something that you find interesting, but you feel you would need a bit more help with, because you need to customize it to your individual circumstances, or need a little help getting started – we all know that kick-off can be the hardest – keep in mind that I can help you with my one-to-one mentoring sessions.

No matter where you are in the world, I can help you start and stick to your journey of change.

And this is totally risk-free: you can try out how it would feel like working with me by scheduling a free 30-minute Skype call.

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I’ll be looking to hearing from you.

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