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About “food intolerances”

Food intolerances” are different from allergies. An intolerance results from changes in the body or even excessive consumption of a particular food, and tends to be temporary. This does not detract from its importance, on the contrary.

The symptoms are varied, ranging from abdominal bloating to headaches, from skin problems to permanent lack of energy.

They are difficult to diagnose objectively and that is why many health professionals don’t take them very seriously. In my opinion this is a mistake, because these reactions cause internal inflammation, which can degenerate into chronic diseases with devastating consequences.

In my experience, the most frequent intolerances result from gluten, wheat, industrial yeast, lactose, casein, and nuts. But this is not an exhaustive list. (*)


(*) Please take note:
I want to make it very clear that I do not make any kind of diagnosis. What I do is to help you deal with the practical challenges arising from a diagnosis you got from a healthcare professional.