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Eat Well, Stop Dieting (healthy eating day-to-day)

Do you think eating well means dieting, starving, changing everything you eat, at last, a hell of a complication?

So this video is for you!

Here you’ll learn my best tips to start eating a balanced diet in your everyday life, without dieting.

Watch here (in Portuguese):

You have a complicated, super busy life – work, family, home, sports, hobbies … Anyway, whatever it is, you have that feeling that time is not enough, and then it’s always mealtime. And that’s when everything gets complicated!

If you recognize yourself in these arguments, stay until the end of the video because I will show you how to eat in your day to day life, how to make your meals healthier, and give you tips that may even result in a few pounds less!

My goal: make healthy eating accessible to everyone

The idea for this video came from two conversations I had this week with different people, during which two phenomena emerged that I would like to analyze:

  1. The first is that people are looking for a magic potion that doesn’t exist, what in the last video I called the “big bang”, a radical transformation of life and food that will suddenly make them different.
  2. The second is the opposite: when they think that this is all so complicated, so laborious, that it’s not even worth starting.

Well, I don’t agree with either one!

I think – more, I believe deeply and I have my own experience behind it – that a balanced diet, which makes us capable of living life 100%, is within everyone’s reach from all points of view: practical, financial, organizational, whatever you want!

Healthy eating in everyday life does not have to be complicated: introducing small habits and keeping them consistent results in a food re-education that after a few weeks even seems easy!

This is the basis of what I call “positive eating” or when I am more assertive I call it “diet without dogmas”, which is a balanced diet, with anti-inflammatory and even anti-aging effects, but without strict rules, privations or the complete re-engineering of what you eat.

I’m gonna share with you six tips that will forever change the way you see healthy eating:

1. Eat 3 balanced meals a day

My first tip may surprise you, but believe me, it’s fundamental. And I’m sure it represents a change for many of you.

It’s simple: for me, the first principle of healthy eating is to systematically eat three balanced meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How many people – especially, but not exclusively, women – think that skipping meals will make you lose weight?

Eating just soup for lunch or worse, a pastry of cream and a coffee, is half the way to have a painful rest of the day, without energy, spend the afternoon snacking (usually crap), and in the medium term getting fat.

The worst they can do to me is to make me skip a meal. I really don’t recover!

And my mother here is an excellent example! Although she makes choices of dishes that may be different from mine, she also has the habit of keeping her meals regular and making them very complete. And anyone who knows her knows that she is an excellent example of joviality, energy, and mental acuity!

So, start here, make sure you have three balanced meals.

And by balanced I mean meals that bring you all the macro-nutrients you need:

  • protein,
  • carbohydrates, and
  • fats, and many vegetables for a good diversity of micro-nutrients, i.e. minerals and vitamins.

Forget about prejudices, forget about newspaper headlines, forget about fashionable diets. Eat at home or out, make a point of eating balanced meals at least 3 times a day.

Think positive:

Instead of thinking about what you can’t eat, think about what you want to eat – what you need, what is good for you, what will give you energy, what will enable you to gain or defend your muscle, what will make your skin beautiful, what will comfort you.

Now you’re thinking about snacks? You can make a snack or two if you need it. But the starting point is the three main meals, and if you take care of them as I’m suggesting, believe me, most days you won’t be hungry for snacks.

Lanches saudáveis, Glow Chef, Silvia Almeida

If you really want to, watch my 5 healthy snacks video, to change your perspective on what a good snack is too! Link HERE.

2. Start your meals with a plate of a raw salad – mix it up, eat veggies you like but keep them raw.

Kimberly Snyder, a Hollywood coach and author of several interesting books, she has a principle that I also subscribe to: you must first eat what is easiest to digest, so as not to create unnecessary fermentation that ends up causing swelling and even discomfort.

So, in any situation, make sure you eat a little dish first – it doesn’t have to be too much – of vegetables or raw salad.

Raw vegetables are excellent sources of enzymes that will help you digest, as well as micro-nutrients and fiber. So you’re only adding good things to your diet.

3. Eat what you eat, occupy half your plate with vegetables.

The third tip is to eat what you eat, occupy half your plate with cooked vegetables.

The ones you like, for example, watch my video on how to eat more raw vegetables, for inspiration – HERE.

This is as much valid to accompany a steak as a lasagna or codfish dish with cream: if you make half of your vegetable dish, you are already adding all the fiber and the fundamental micro-nutrients to the organism, which will help your digestion and combat internal inflammation and cellular oxidation.

This tip is particularly useful for those who cook for the family. I’m often told “but the kids don’t like this or that…” This is a fantastic way to make any meal healthier, whatever it is, for all tastes. You’re not replacing it, you’re adding it. And I guarantee you, with the habit, your kids will understand what’s good for them and they’ll like to eat their vegetables too.

Now you see what I mean by positive eating: instead of subtracting, you’re adding!

4. Season with the help of a spoon

The fourth tip concerns spices and is this: when you season your salads or other dishes, always use a spoon.

I’m not saying to restrict yourself at this stage. I’m simply saying to be aware of how many tablespoons of olive oil, or vinaigrette sauce, or whatever, you are adding to your plate.

That free movement of the olive oil bottle, which you see on television, has charm but is only for television. Always use a spoon.

With the sequel, not only will you save, but you will naturally moderate the amount. Because even healthy fats should not be consumed in astronomical quantities. You’ve heard me say: in healthy eating, there is no “more is more”, the body likes variety and moderation.

If you feel like it, read about my favorite healthy fats: HERE.

5. Eat slowly and chew properly, a minimum of 30 times

The fifth tip brings you a little mindfulness… Get used to eating slowly, and chewing each fork very well.

Don’t forget what we learned at school: the digestive process begins in the mouth, with the combined effect of chewing and saliva. So count at least – at least – 30 chews per fork.

Chewing… is that a word?

Even if it’s not, you know what I mean.

Swallow it only when you don’t feel solid in your mouth.

And eat quietly, paying attention to the breath between each fork.

Every meal is important, make room in your schedule for them, whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening, in company or not. The meal should be a moment of pause.

Also, stress at the table will result in very difficult digestion, possibly abdominal swelling, or even pain.

6. Drink water

Por último, mas não menos importante: bebe água regularmente durante o dia e à refeição.

Glow Chef, Silvia Almeida, água, detox, hidratação

Get used to sweet drinks, whether packaged or natural. They bring you no advantage and will cause you spikes and blood sugar drops, which then result in cravings for more sweets, energy drops, and even extra pounds.

Drink wine in social situations and celebrations. But make water your drink of reference.

Hydration will make your digestion easier, it will keep you mentally alert, it will help your skin health and it will also facilitate the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms.

Do you ever think about making a detox challenge? The best detox juice you can drink is really water!

And if you are prone to fluid retention, you’ll find that the habit of drinking water regularly will relieve you greatly.

Read more about the advantages of drinking water regularly HERE.

After all, healthy eating does not have to be complicated or restrictive!

These are my 6 tips on how to eat healthily in everyday life, without depriving yourself of what you like, without forcing you to cook for hours and hours, without even spending a lot of money on exotic foods.

Just these little adjustments, made consistently, are enough to see quick improvements in the way you feel, your digestion, energy levels, and even your skin.

Feel like giving it a try?

Tell me, are you going to have balanced meals from now on?

Answer the comments. And then tell me how you feel too!

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2 thoughts on “Eat Well, Stop Dieting (healthy eating day-to-day)

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful information that you have shared with us, will surely use these tips and also share it with my friends as well for their reference, especially the 5th point where you explained to eat slowly is very well.

  2. Venkat says:

    “People are looking for a magic potion that doesn’t exist”, is so true to its core. I had been looking for a one-stop solution that works for fat loss. Maybe that is where I went wrong. And of course, the second problem that you mentioned exists as well, Silvia. I have trouble starting a healthy eating habit.

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