Hidratos de Carbono na Alimentação: Importância, Alimentos e como cozinhar
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Eating CARBOHYDRATES: relevance, foods and how to cook them

Should I cut the carbs?

That was the question from a YouTube follower, which I decided to answer in this video.

Can I eat carbs?

In this video…

  • You’ll learn more about the importance of carbohydrates in healthy eating.
    You’ll learn how to distinguish between healthy carbohydrate sources, which carbohydrates are best for the diet and which ones you should avoid.
    Understand how to eat carbohydrates in general, on a diet, or in a healthy and balanced diet.

What carbohydrates to eat?

We also talk about the stages of life when you need energy most, the healthiest cooking methods, and my favorite sources of fiber and carbohydrates.

Check it here (in Portuguese):

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Will you make changes in your eating habits?

Are there any questions you still want to ask me about this kind of food?

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