Torrada com Manteiga de Amêndoa e Banana
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Almond Butter And Banana Toast

Breakfast Is My Favorite Meal!

It gives me great pleasure to sit down and enjoy a real meal, often in the company of an inspirational magazine. And I get up earlier to make sure I have this moment, whatever the agenda of the day.

But I know it’s not easy, I’ve been through it too: it’s the morning, you took 2 extra minutes in the shower, you do not know what to wear, you cannot find your phone or the keys, you have 5 minutes to go out – who wants to prepare a meal in the thick of this rush? You’ll end up at the corner deli, eating … I don’t even want to know what.

But it’s a shame because the energy you feel in the morning is fueled by what you choose to eat for breakfast.

An E-book That Creates Breakfast For You!

I’ve decided to systematize and write the tricks that I developed over time, helping me and my family get a good breakfast every day. Basically, you have to plan and prepare everything so you won’t have to “invent” in the morning.

Breakfast At Home, In Less Than 5 Minutes? Yes!

In addition, you’ll get 7 delicious and easy recipes to make in the new Glow Chef Ebook. Get your copy right away! Click this link:

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And to show you how the recipes and suggestions are really appetizing, here’s a sample of what you’ll find in the book.

Recipe: Almond Butter, Banana And Cinnamon Toast


for one person

  • two slices of your favorite bread
  • two tablespoons almond butter
  • 1 small banana
  • ground cinnamon, to preference


  1. Place the slices of bread in the toaster. In the photo, I used a delicious rye bread from Padaria Portuguesa. Very easy to find!
  2. While the toaster does its magic, slice the banana.
  3. When the bread is toasted, place 1 tablespoon of almond butter on each slice of bread and spread it as if it were jam.
  4. Add the banana slices to the toasts and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Now all you have to do is eat!


You probably read that this month I won’t eat sugar of any kind, not even fruit. To help you do the same, if you wish, I’ve also included suggested substitutions for each recipe. In this particular one:

  • Replace the banana with sliced cucumber slices (believe me, it tastes great with the almond butter).
  • If you still do not want to experiment, spread sliced coconut over the almond butter.

Do not forget downloading your E-book and let me organize your mornings for you!

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