About Us

Hello! My name is Sílvia and I am Glow Chef’s founder.

I like homemade, tasty, lively and healthy food that is easy and quick to make.

In this world of cooking and nutrition, I am completely self-taught. I collect books and experiences. Over time I learned how I should eat to nurture my body and my mind to always feel super good. And, well, to be able to age as gracefully as possible.

I also love to read, listening to jazz music, to drink good tea and good wine, a nice conversation with friends and, last but not the least, to watch (and smell …) the sea.

What Is Glow Chef?

I would like Glow Chef to become a hub for busy people who, like me, want to eat well, in a healthy, practical and economical way.

Here you will find everything you need to cook and eat every day – you’ll learn easy tasty recipes, creative ways to cook different types of ingredients, simple tricks to simplify your meals and your shopping, etc…

In summary, Glow Chef will help you reconcile practical life with your wellness goals.

Why The Name “Glow Chef”?

Glow: the energy, the vitality, the glow in the skin and eyes that result from a healthy lifestyle.

Chef: You, me … everyone who decides to have control of what they eat and they cook every day, to feel at their best.

What Food Philosophy Does Glow Chef Follow?

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Michael Pollan

“I am on a seefood diet… I see food, I eat it”


Today, information on different diets is vast, but there is also a lot of manipulation and some confusion. My (modest) opinion is that in all regimens, diets, or whatever we want to call them, we can eat very well but we can also eat very poorly.

I personally eat everything, everything that I consider real food: meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, fruit … prepared in ways that keep a maximum of their nutritional properties. In a way, I think I fit into a personalized version of the Mediterranean diet.

I try to have a healthy, balanced diet, mostly alkaline and anti-inflammatory. I attach a lot of importance to protein, which helps build and maintain muscle mass. I prefer low glycemic index carbohydrates and I have my fair share of healthy fats in the form of avocados, salmon and extra virgin olive oil. Ah … and seeds and nuts, of course!

I like to avoid empty calories and over-processed foods that, unfortunately, invade our diet today: I avoid excess wheat, animal fats, dairy products (other than natural yogurt), trans fats and industrial additives.

I recently experimented with a vegan diet for a week, that I shared on social media. The interest that generated among my friends, both in Portugal and abroad, convinced me that I had something really worth sharing in a more consistent manner.

There are no restrictive regimes in the Glow Chef. It is also not meant to be a weight loss diet program. Nor a cure for any specific disease.

Here you will find my experience with different culinary worlds, with a good component of alkaline recipes, vegan recipes, and paleo recipes. Because this is the combination that I love the most. And just to let you know … there will be cake.

Above all, I want to show you how easy it is. Try it out!

Glow Chef Challenge:

You can send me your opinions and questions to the following email address:

silvia (at) glowchef (dot) com

I will be happy to help you.