My Story

Hi there, I’m Sílvia!

Silvia Almeida, GLow Chef, Health Coach, Healthy Eating Mentor

But… Who is Sílvia?

My name is Sílvia Taveira de Almeida and I’m a healthy eating mentor.


I’m a working woman, a wife, a mother of two.

I’m an avid reader, a listener of jazz, a fan of Beethoven, Rolling Stones and a bunch of young female singers with amazing voices.

And I’m also a home cook and a firm believer that healthy eating has made me happier, stronger and oh so much brighter.

I currently live in Lisbon and sometimes in Maputo.

My academic background has to do with business and economics and I made a career of more than 20 years in those fields.

Actually, I still ‘business around’ a bit, when I’m not helping you think better thoughts about healthy eating 😉

Now, why dedicate my time to the subject of healthy eating?


  • I’ve spent years getting to terms with my weight, my food and its impact on my health.
  • I’ve consulted many many professionals – doctors, dietitians, endocrinologists, you name it – and read an enormous amount of books, learning about health, all the “latest” diets, and all the latest foods.
  • I’ve gained weight, lost weight, gained weight again, and lost it again…
  • I had two pregnancies to get back from and the corresponding two kids to feed …
  • I’ve talked for hours and hours with other women, and men, who also wanted to get to terms with this thing called “healthy eating”.

And, well, I’ve finally come to terms with it!

My healthy eating epiphany

My experience showed me there is no formula for healthy eating – healthy eating is not a synonym for one specific diet, one miracle food or a pill…

Healthy eating is about feeding yourself with things you like, that are good for you, that are accessible to you, giving you the energy you’ll need to live your life.

So, no cookie cutter solutions.

It’s all about balance, purpose, honesty, positivity… It’s all about yourself!

Leaning on my experience as a mentor in the business and academic context, and everything I just listed, I began to help people like me – and you – in this journey towards a better self through healthy eating.

My Values

These are the principles that have helped me along the way, in my relationship with food and also life in general. Now, they also guide my practice as a healthy eating mentor.

Living with purpose

Life is a journey that is best enjoyed if we know where we’re going and why. We are free to define our path according to our dreams, goals, and limits.

Health of mind and body

The way we feel, act and think is the result of our diet. We will be our best selves if we endeavor to eat real food, natural and varied ingredients, prepared with care to preserve their nutritional value.


We must take charge of what we eat. We are responsible for ourselves, for what we do to our bodies and minds. We are also responsible for the sustainability of our choices.


All change must be done for the better to be productive; if we see change as an enrichment of ourselves and our lives, we’ll get farther and better. And, we should be having fun in the process!


To take good care of ourselves, we must be honest (again, to ourselves) about where we are and what we do and eat. Denying reality will get us to a place of discomfort and negativity. Only honesty will give us peace regarding our choices and the strength to carry out any changes.

Balance and Forgiveness

Healthy eating and healthy living is not an “all or nothing” game but a matter of balance. We must allow ourselves to give in to other reasons or impulses when we choose what to eat. Taking one step after the other will be enough. Perfection is not the goal. Feeling good is.


Healthy eating is not a synonym for one specific diet. Every dietary or ethical choice regarding food can result in very nutritious meals or the exact opposite, and all should be tolerated and respected.

About Glow Chef

Along with my self-discovery journey, not only I’ve come to terms with the challenge of eating healthily in today’s convenience-driven environment but I’ve also taught myself how to cook.

The goal was never to be a professional chef, but to feed myself and my family every day, in a way that protected our health and gave us the energy to be our best.

I believe you can do this too!

You can learn how to deal with food and your cravings.

You can learn how to cook at home, in spite of your lack of time and patience.

You’ll eat better and feel better – and glow better – as a result.

Glow Chef is the hub for my work in helping you with your journey.

Why the name “Glow Chef”?

Glow: the energy, the vitality, the glow in your skin and eyes that result from a healthy lifestyle.

Chef: Me, you … everyone who decides to take control of what they cook and eat every day to feel their best.

What food philosophy will you find in Glow Chef?

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. “

Michael Pollan

“I’m on a seefood diet… I see food, I eat it”


There are no restrictive diets in Glow Chef. It is also not meant to be a weight loss diet program. Nor a cure to any specific disease.

I personally eat everything, everything that I consider real food: meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, fruit … prepared in such a way as to lose a minimum of their nutritional properties. In a way, I think I fit in a personalized version of the Mediterranean diet.

Here you will find my experiences in different culinary worlds. But, more than anything, I want to show you how easy it is. Go ahead, try it out!

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