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Glow Chef is a meeting point for all lovers of “glow” – the joy, the energy, the glowing skin and eyes, the sense of accomplishment after a good run or a stimulating workout. The glow you get from a healthy lifestyle!

If you care about your health, want to improve your diet or just plainly want to cook and eat delicious food every day, you’ll find Glow Chef to be the perfect destination!

Glow Chef was born from my passion for healthy eating. Dedicated to those who want to eat well, in a fit, straightforward and affordable way, I’m sharing my easy recipes, tips, and experiences, to help you be your best every day.

Need 1-on-1 support to change the way you cook and eat at home? Shoot me a message!

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“Congratulations on your blog, Sílvia! I love it! Keep on giving us delicious and healthy recipes!”

– A.