Welcome to Glow Chef

Hi, I’m Sílvia, a healthy eating mentor, and I believe everyday eating should be healthy and easy!

For me, healthy eating is not an end goal, it’s a means to enjoy life.

Do you want to eat healthier? However, you feel that …

  • Daily life is way too busy.
  • There is too much conflicting information out there.
  • In the age of convenience, you lost touch with home cooking.

Or maybe health issues make everything so much more complex and demanding.

Well, I would like to help!

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“I’ve spent years getting to terms with my weight, my food and its impact on my health. Well, I’ve finally come to a conclusion: there is no formula for healthy eating.”

Healthy eating is actually about YOU!
It’s about feeding yourself with things you like, that are good for you, that are accessible to you, giving you the energy you’ll need to live your life.